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Jul 13 2010

FML line NYC

New York decided to make some changes to the subway lines. FML line is awesome! Goodbye New York!!!

Jul 11 2010

Top of the Rock

The top of the Rockefeller is tons better than the Empire! And you don’t spend most of the time in a line!

Jul 08 2010

Statue of Liberty

344 steps to the crown. Good day to do it since it isn’t too hot! Pretty impressive!

Jun 27 2010

Lori and Russel’s Wedding

I tried to put this up on a different site, but it’s been weeks and is still pending. So I moved it. Hope you two like this!

Jun 13 2010

Welcome to Cali or Die!

I’ve been a little delayed on getting this site up to date. But my day to day life always seems like a mini adventure in its own.

Just before my trip started, I lost my iPhone which enabled me to write posts or post pictures on this website to start documenting my trip. Not only that, I accidentally smashed my digital camera when I tried to catch it. Tip: Just let the thing fall, don’t try to catch it. Then my Flip Video camera was sent to the wrong address. So all my tools to document my trip so far have been very inaccessible. But it’s all good now.

I have traveled over 2400 miles since May 26th and it has already been crazy. The first part of my trip was very dangerous. The weather was perfect and traffic was minimal, except for Chicago. But moving several hundreds of pounds of my belongings was what made it so dangerous. With my car packed to the ceiling and I could only use my driver side mirror to keep track of what was going on around me. Talk about blindsides, I was pretty much driving blind.

But things are well now. I left most of my belonging back in the Midwest. But I’ve already hit a deer carcase, been pulled over and searched for narcotics and fought around truckers through tons and tons of rain on I-80. The drive is never too bad, but it’s all the mental things I go through on the road and sleeping in my car that can be tough at times.

So join me, follow me, email me, invite me. Tell me things I should see while I’m on the road. I’ll do my best to keep you posted on what I’m doing. Thanks for visiting!

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