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Jul 02 2010

Sea fishing in Salem

Last day in Salem, we went fishing all morning and afternoon. I caught two things. A sunburn and crabs. Not those types of crabs but the real thing.

Jun 29 2010

Nick’s Famous Roast Beef

Nick’s has the best roast beef sandwich I’ve ever had. This is a super beef on an onion roll with mayo, BBQ and cheese. You have to try it if you’re ever in this area. Now I know why they call it famous.

Jun 25 2010

Friendship of Salem

This is called Friendship! Pretty cool boat!

Jun 25 2010

Best pepper steak sandwich

Everyone I’ve talked to in Salem talks about this pepper steak sandwich. You can find it in the Willows and at the very end there is a Chinese restaurant that sells these. This is the only establishment that is open all year around in that area. And thank you Salem residents, this is “wicked good”! Everything in Salem is considered “wicked”.

Jun 24 2010

Boston skyline from the ferry

This is the Boston skyline from the Salem ferry. Just minutes before, the sky was all orange from the sunset. I just didn’t have a good close-up of the skyline with the orange, but it still is pretty!

Jun 20 2010

Preparing for Boston

Currently in Salem where they held all the Salem witch trials around 1692. Haven’t seen a witch yet, but I won’t stop until I do! Currently chilling with the dogs before heading to Boston. Dogs sure know how to do it up!

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