Jun 29 2010

Nick’s Famous Roast Beef

Nick’s has the best roast beef sandwich I’ve ever had. This is a super beef on an onion roll with mayo, BBQ and cheese. You have to try it if you’re ever in this area. Now I know why they call it famous.

Jun 27 2010

Lori and Russel’s Wedding

I tried to put this up on a different site, but it’s been weeks and is still pending. So I moved it. Hope you two like this!

Jun 26 2010

Mt. Washington Summit

Not much to see with the clouds so low. It’s definately windy and cold! This space heater was in the old place they called the Tip Top House. Me and my damn shorts and flip flops! Milage to my car is now at 114,139 at the top of Mt. Washington.

Jun 26 2010

Mt. Washington Auto Road

Here we go! Going for the highest point in the northeast. Woohoo!

Jun 25 2010

Carl D. Jara – Fish bowl

Great pun!

Jun 25 2010

Attillio “Steve” Topazio – Head in flames

Looks painful!

Jun 25 2010

Greg Grady – Guitar

Guitar is almost finished.

Jun 25 2010

Guy-Olivier Deveau – Skeleton framed woman

Just seeing the chest bones was weird.

Jun 25 2010

Justin Gordon – Earth

The planet with other of Mother Nature’s things.

Jun 25 2010

Just a huge variety of sculptures

I think all artists got together and did all these for the sponsors of the event.

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